Joint Ventures With Shell Dredging

Shell Dredging is looking to establish joint ventures with investors who are looking for a solid investment opportunity in the gold mining industry. At times, Shell Dredging finds mining properties that are rich in assets and would be willing to bring in an investment partner.  Shell Dredging, in addition to offering its existing partners a co-investment opportunity, will seek potential joint venture capital for those investors looking into invest in quality, value-add opportunities.

Our expansion plans and significant continued growth provide opportunities for qualified entrepreneurial individuals in markets all over the world.  This opportunity may be for you if you are in the mining industry or would like to be involved as an JV partner in one of our current projects.

Dedicated to the Precious Metals Market

We take pride in our long history of successful joint venture partnerships with prominent industry leaders. If you are a investor that shares our entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to excellence and dedication to the precious metals market, we invite you to contact us to discuss ways we can work together to pursue current and future development opportunities.

Shell Dredging is responsible for the acquisition, due diligence, and all management of the investment. These joint ventures give the company access to a more diversified pool of opportunities, and allow investors to target certain investments while working with a group of seasoned professionals.

Disclaimer:  This website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer of securities or other investment opportunities.